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Dunbar’s Number: Why Can’t We Just Be Friends?

How Many Friends Does One Person Need?

It may depend on who you consider to be a friend.

I can count on my fingers the people who have really been close, close friends over my life-time. You know the kind … lay down your life for friends.
But how many potential friends are out there waiting for you to connect with.
We are all floating in a vast sea of potential friendships and we are desperately alone. Continue reading

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The Sandra Bullock Trade and New Research on Happiness

Here’s some science for you … New York Times columnist, David Brooks wrote an article called The Sandra Bullock Trade about how fame and fortune are no match for a good marriage. It looks like we are finally getting some … Continue reading

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Want to Share the Stage With Mark Joyner, Ken McArthur and Dave Lakhani?

Looking for Expert Panelists for Impact San Diego
I’ve personally invited 50 of the most influential people I know to a powerful weekend retreat in San Diego, March 19th – 21st.
Continue reading

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47 Hearts Is About Dreams

Dr.Mani’s team has raised over $130,000 and funded heart surgery in 47 children, with many more to follow. He’s well on his way to achieve an ambitious mission – make high quality heart health care accessible and affordable to every Indian child.
Continue reading

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Will You Be a Best-Selling Author in 2010?

YOU can be! We’re working RIGHT NOW with a select set of amazing people who have committed to be co-authors in my next best-selling book and have a huge impact.
If you’ve been sitting on the fence, now is the time to be a decision-maker. Continue reading

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