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The Sandra Bullock Trade and New Research on Happiness

Here’s some science for you … New York Times columnist, David Brooks wrote an article called The Sandra Bullock Trade about how fame and fortune are no match for a good marriage. It looks like we are finally getting some … Continue reading

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Will You Be a Best-Selling Author in 2010?

YOU can be! We’re working RIGHT NOW with a select set of amazing people who have committed to be co-authors in my next best-selling book and have a huge impact.
If you’ve been sitting on the fence, now is the time to be a decision-maker. Continue reading

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Want To Write a Book Together?

Want to be a co-author on my next book? You are the story of Impact! And I want you to help me write it. We are all connected. From a single conversation with three people sitting on a coach in a hotel lobby, you were touched today. You are part of a growing family that has changed the lives of millions of people, generated millions of dollars in income and saved the lives of many. And I don’t even know half the story. YOU do! Continue reading

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How to Communicate: As Taught By a Pre-Schooler

A perfect illustration of how to communicate from a pre-schooler. Continue reading

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Honestly, Do Marketers Tell The Truth?

Honesty is an “interesting” subject. Some folks would tell you the amiable people are the biggest liars.
Continue reading

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