After All the Loved Ones Go Away …

Got this note from Chris Moos …

It’s about the outpouring from the jvAlert/Impact family when his 13 year old grandson Sam underwent a craniotomy last week.

Sam is safe from the most pressing part, having survived the operation and is now on the long road of recovery. Each of us loves and cares, hoping and praying that this will be full and speedy. But just to have him is a blessing and that is what we have counted.

Not for the last time do I thank each and every one of you for the prayers and good will shared with our families this past week.

AS for the good news here — I won’t be troubling you much more like this on late evening or early morning emails.  We created a site, that Sam’s dad (Chris -my son) will be using to keep the world up-to-date.

Please feel free to share it, read it, send your prayers or comments – All of these are felt, received and sincerely appreciated.

Your shared faith, hopes, prayers and strength sustained us this past week. Thank you to all of you, for all that you have given us.

Thank you again,


The note reminded me that the hard part is when all the loved ones go away.

It’s tough when something bad happens.

So many times, our friends and loved ones come to the rescue.

They bring meals, they chip in, they do whatever they can to help.

But, sooner or later — usually sooner — we go back to doing what we do.

We need to.

That’s the really tough time.

When all the guests have left.  When all the loved ones go away.

So when something bad happens to someone you care about, mark it down on the calendar to do something special for that person.

Not Today!

Even though your support is needed now, your help will be even more important when all the loved ones have gone away.

Give yourself a reminder to make sure something good happens when the tough time comes.

Most people will have moved on and that’s when your loved one will need your support the most.

All the best,

Ken McArthur

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