How to Communicate: As Taught By a Pre-Schooler

My brother Robert posted the following about his grandson on his blog and I thought it was a perfect illustration of how to communicate.

Would love to know your thoughts on this!

Here’s what Robert wrote …

“My grandson, Jacob, started preschool this year. Thankfully, he is enjoying it very much and was even upset that they didn’t offer it on Saturdays!

On the first day of school, however, he did suggest to his mom that maybe he shouldn’t go because, “you won’t be there . . . and I love you!”

But later at school, he made the adjustment a little too abruptly, as far as his mom was concerned, when he sat down with the other kids on the carpet for story time and looked up at his mom and said, “Okay, Mom, see you later!”

He is especially enjoying making new friends. There are a large number of Hispanics in his class and because Jacob didn’t want anyone to feel left out, he told his teacher that he would be friends with any of the kids that didn’t speak English.

So you might be wondering how he goes about breaking through the barriers of communication and culture. His approach is quite simple, actually.

He just goes up to them and with a sincere and welcoming heart says, “Hola amigo! Want a taco?”

Can you imagine the possibilities that await him as he grows into adulthood? Could we be looking at a future Ambassador to Mexico? Whatever he becomes, God has great plans for him!”

Just think if we all thought like Jacob.

Please post a comment and let me know what YOU think!

All the best,

Ken McArthur

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  • Edward Philipp

    Hi Ken,
    I love what Jacob said. “Hello Friend, Want a Taco” and a smile. He has the art of cross cultural communication down. Send him to my Alma Mater, Thunderbird Graduate School of International, in a few years, OK? He will do well.

    Best of Success with JVAlert


  • Asset Protection

    It always best to learn how to communicate effectively, it also the way on how we express ourselves.What Jacob did is really nice.