The Validation Movie

It only takes 16 mins 23 secs to PROVE that you matter!  Watch this now!

YouTube Preview Image

Don’t blame me if you get a tear in your eye!

All the best,

Ken McArthur
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  • Wealth Abundance Joy [Amy Flynn]

    Great Ken! I have it up too! I love this movie… 16 minutes of blastoff power and inspiration!



    Wealth Abundance Joy [Amy Flynn]’s last blog post..In The Mood To Be Inspired? Get Validated …

  • Lorraine Wellman

    Ken, this validation movie was inspired. We each have the power in our daily lives to lift people up and positively impact them…or, we have the power to negatively impact them and every other person that they will have contact with that day; and, possibly days to come.

    If we would learn to harness the positive tools of our words and actions; we would see the effect we have on each and every person in our spheres of contact. We could change the world; instead of letting the negativity of the world turn us upside down and inside out.

    We can all learn to refine our validation tools and experience the fullness that life has to offer, as we were meant to do!

    Lorraine Wellman’s last blog post..Outrageous Abuse Of Power-Interviewing 8 Year Old Suspect

  • Rich Newell

    I am Smiling. Thanks for the emailed link. You made my day and with one of my favorite actors.

    Reminds me to keep going and someday I too will be validated.

    Thanks Ken, You are Awesome! You really validate.

    Rich Newell’s last blog post..Don’t Know Where to Start Making Money Online

  • Lisa Sousa

    That is a cute movie. Sometimes all what people need to hear is something postitive about them or for them just to see a smile to make their entire day. This also reminds me of something that my husband told me about. He was having a very bad day and was feeling very depressed. While he was on his way home he found himself behind a school bus full of young kids. One of the kids smiled at him and waved. That cheered him up and his day turned around :) .

  • “Mr Emotions” [John Cussons]


    Since my first contact with you at your jvAlert Live! event in Philadelphia this year you have had IMPACT in my life!

    It wasn’t until half way through this movie, while blowing my nose and wiping tears from my eyes did I see the caption under the video that says “Don’t blame me if you get a tear in your eye!”

    Well I do blame you! And I can’t thank you enough for your VALIDATION of me only a few months ago.

    I cry when reading your book “IMPACT”. I cry when good things happen to people, especially when good things happen to me. These are all good tears and I shed them freely because they validate my true feelings.

    The Validation Movie is powerful and a viral moment to be shared with everyone. So thanks again Ken!

    “Mr Emotions”
    John Cussons

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  • Steve Chenneour


    You’ve done it again, made a heck of an impact with this video. Brought out things/feelings I just didn’t think about, got me to thinking more on how best to make an impact on outhers lives. With all of the negative energies out in the world today each one of us needs to rise above the noise with positive energy.
    A lot of the time the lives that we impact the most we never know till way after the fact.

    Thanks Ken for all you do,
    Steve Chenneour

    Steve Chenneour’s last blog post..Steve_Chenneour: Just finished listening to teleseminar with Kristi Sayles and @bbspress they both rocked, great content

  • Nassorn


    Touch my heart.

    I forward the movie to my sister who is living in tension with her husband because of expectation.

    By positive mind and giving just a little thing, our life will change.

    I don’t blame you having tear in my eye. I will blame you if you didn’t post this video.


    Nassorn’s last blog post..What is NOT Social Media Marketing.

  • Jonathan Freeman

    This page is excellent coaching actually. I need to use it in this way to ad value to my students and downline!

  • Leslie

    Thank you the link it was just what I needed. We all could use a little valdation, sometimes a lot. Imagine the effect 1000 Hughs could have on the world. I am going to practice this in my daily meetings and try to change some sulkers into smilers.