Want to Share the Stage With Mark Joyner, Ken McArthur and Dave Lakhani?


Looking for Expert Panelists for Impact San Diego

I’ve personally invited 50 of the most influential people I know to a powerful weekend retreat in San Diego, March 19th – 21st.

And I’ve asked them to personally invite the two most amazing people that THEY know to join us.

This is an incredible group of dynamic, gifted people and you could possibly be on stage with them as one of our expert panelists.

One of the secret weapons of the Impact Events are the powerful experts who attend our events.

Panelists serve two specific functions:

  1. Answering questions during panel discussions and Q&A panels.
  2. Giving feedback to people on the “Hot Seat”

(We have 3 “Hot Seats” during each event where prospective project ideas are presented by an attendee and then discussed by the panel of experts.)

We typically do hot seats with the panel every day right after lunch.

The final session of the event on Sunday afternoon is an open Q&A with the panel.

What this event is about …

This event is about reaching millions instead of thousands with your ideas, solutions, products and services and is designed to help corporations, non-profit organizations, small business people, authors, speakers, marketers and many others to reach the masses and make a difference.

We will be discovering cutting edge techniques in the areas of idea propagation, publicity, publishing, marketing, list building, advertising, motivation, persuasion, radio, television, magazines, social media, joint ventures, video production, corporate sponsorships and more, more, more.

Are you qualified to be a Panelist?

If you are a top-level expert in idea propagation, publicity, publishing, marketing, list building, advertising, motivation, persuasion, radio, television, magazines, social media, joint ventures, video production or corporate sponsorships you COULD be!

What to do if you are interested …

Click here to e-mail me!

Let me know that you want to be an expert panelist and what your qualifications are.

PLEASE … Don’t be offended if the panel is already full by the time you respond.

Panelist positions are in high demand so let me know right away.

Even if you can’t be a panelist, you DEFINITELY want to be there!

Listen – after all if you really want to have a massive impact, you need literally millions of eager fans, supporters, clients, customers and friends.

The Impact Event is a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity to reach a brand-spanking-new audience that is bigger than you ever imagined.

You can make magical things happen LIVE in San Diego just by using ONE of the core principles that I teach in Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions and Make a Difference in a Noisy World!

Join our world-class family of speakers, authors, visionaries, business leaders, activists, media, publicity and marketing experts as we not only talk the talk –We walk the walk in the most interesting live case study that’s ever been attempted on such a massive scale.

Get YOUR message out to the masses today and make a difference in the lives of millions.

Since you are my subscriber, I’m personally inviting YOU.

Your secret code is: GUEST

Mark in the comments that you were invited by me personally.

Click here to register now

See you soon in San Diego!

All the best,

Ken McArthur

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  • http://jasonoman.com Jason Oman

    Thank you SOOooOo much for the invite Ken! Unfortunately, that’s right during the time when I’ll be in the midle of moving to Reno. So, I won’t be able to make it this time. But, definitely keep me in mind for any others!
    Jason Oman

  • http://www.turboseminar.com/gift/?aff_id=106446 Stage Hypnotist Simone

    You are very generous. I will see you at Delavera’s event. Hey, Delevera gave me seven tickets for Vegas event. Get one here

  • Linda

    Hi Simone …. do you still have tickets to Delavera’s event in Las Vegas? Thanks, Linda
    AND, thanks, Ken, for the opportunity!