Here’s Your Invitation to Impact San Diego 2010!

I’ve just personally invited 50 of the most influential people I know to a powerful weekend retreat in San Diego, March 19th – 21st.

And I’ve asked them to personally invite the two most amazing people that THEY know to join us.

This is an incredible group of dynamic, gifted people.

Here are a few of the people already committed to be at the 2010 Impact San Diego Event …

Ken McArthur

Impact and jvAlert Live Events Host and Author of the best-selling book Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions and Make a Difference in a Noisy World.

Ken was the official mentor for Sterling Valentine as he took his launch from ZERO to over $100,000.00 in less than 4 days.

Ken followed up the “Joint Venture Formula” launch with the launch of the amazing “Info Product Blueprint” — a virtual encyclopedia of everything you ever wanted to know about creating your own information product and launching that product to significant sales.

“Info Product Blueprint” sold out it’s first production run in under 48 hours and launched into the top 1,000 sites on the Internet according to Alexa.

Ken is also owner of, a membership site that helps people create Internet marketing joint ventures with top-level marketers.

jvAlert members, with a combined subscribership of over 5 MILLION subscribers, took jvAlert into the top 362 Sites on the Internet in it’s first day of pre-launch according to and it was selected for Alexa’s “Movers and Shakers” list of the top web sites on the Internet.

Ken is also the owner of which is an affiliate program search engine that you can customize and fill with your own affiliate links.

The AffiliateShowcase launch sold over a quarter MILLION dollars worth of memberships in just the first six months.

Ken also created the MBS Internet Resource Center, (a great resource site for people wanting to do business on the Internet), the Marketing Thoughts Blog, the MBS Internet Research Center, (a site that allows over 300,000 members to earn cash filling out surveys) and the PortalCube™ portal software system, (which powers many of his client sites and of course AffiliateShowcase) just to name a few projects!

Mark JoynerMark Joyner

Mark Joyner is a #1 best-selling author of over a dozen books translated in almost as many languages.

He is widely recognized as one of the early pioneers of e-commerce, responsible for inventing, pioneering, and popularizing many of the technologies we take for granted today (including remotely-hosted ad tracking, electronic books, Integration Marketing, and more …)

  • One of his books ( shot to #1 within 36 hours of its release.
  • One of his websites became the 37th most visited website on the planet within 6 weeks of its release.
  • His pioneering ebook (Search Engine Tactics) was downloaded over 1,000,000 times years before e-books were common.
  • He turned a fledgling one-man operation into a multi-million-dollar International corporation with customers in every internet-connected country on the planet in two years time.

Mark earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology through independent study while simultaneously serving in the U.S. Army in the Military Intelligence Corp (he speaks Korean fluently graduating at the top of his class at the Defense Language Institute).

Mark is a cold-war veteran of military intelligence and a former U.S. Army Officer. He held a Top Secret SCI clearance (the highest clearance level in the US) for several years. He was awarded for his military service by the U.S. Army, the Republic of Korea Army, the Korean Consulate General, and the President of the United States.

Dave LakhaniDave Lakhani

Dave Lakhani is the author of 4 best selling books published by John Wiley & Sons

Persuasion: The Art of Getting What You Want

Subliminal Persuasion: Influence And Marketing Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

The Power of an Hour: Business and Life Mastery In One Hour A Week

The 12 Factors of Business Success How To Sell When Nobody’s Buying

Dave Lakhani has been described as a “Marketing Genius”,”Business Acceleration Strategist” and “Multipreneur” by his peers and the media.

He has been responsible for developing dynamic strategies driving record breaking growth and increases in sales in more than 500 businesses in the past 10 years.

Dave is an in demand speaker, author and trainer, whose ideas have been applied by some of the biggest companies in the United States including IBM, US Army, Rogers Media, Micron, GE, Wizard Academy and many more.

His latest book “Bold Approach Business” is a classic on rapid growth tactics for businesses that need more revenue and profitable sales today.

Dave is frequently seen in magazines including Selling Power, Sales and Marketing Management, Entrepreneur, Business Solutions, Retail Systems Reseller, Integrated Solutions, Home Office Computing, PC Magazine and other media including Business Radio Network, The Business Connection, The Today Show and dozens more.

Dave has owned more than 10 successful businesses in the past 20 years has deeply studied the marketing and sales leaders of our time including Jay Abraham, Brian Tracy, Harvey Mackay, Roy Williams, Dr. Nick Grant, Zig Ziglar and many more.

Dave is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Mari SmithMari SmithDubbed “the Pied Piper of the Online World” by, Mari Smith is a Relationship Marketing Specialist and Social Media Business Coach.

Through her consulting and training business, Mari helps independent professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners to accelerate their business profits using an integrated social marketing strategy, with particular focus on Facebook and Twitter.

Mari has a strong background in the world of relationships and internet technology, making social media her ideal arena. She is passionate about showing fellow professionals how to develop powerful profitable relationships using social media. Mari currently has over 10,000 friends and fans on Facebook and a loyal following of over 45,000 members on Twitter.

After applying Mari’s proven Social Marketing methods, her clients typically experience a significant increase in traffic, subscribers, clients, affiliates, lucrative strategic alliances and targeted media attention.

Mari is a in-demand speaker and travels the United States and internationally to provide social media keynotes and in-depth training.

Canadian by birth, Scottish by heritage, Mari currently lives in San Diego, California.

Gill OrtegaGill Ortega

Gil Ortega is a CPA lead generation expert.

He has been providing prospecting and customer acquisition solutions for direct sales companies since 1995.

Gill develops customized lead generation campaigns which are designed to help sales agents manage the complexity of acquiring new customers.

He has started and sold two successful lead generation companies.

The most recent company was started with only a $50 web site. The company grew to over $12 million in sales within four years.

In 2007, as President and CEO, he built Leads to Wealth to become one of the largest lead vendors within the direct sales industry and won Entrepreneur of the Year award in San Diego.

Daven MichaelsDaven MichaelsEntrepreneur and COO of 123Employee Daven Michaels has made a career of living the American Dream.

Starting his entrepreneruial career at age 15, Daven never looked back.

Best selling music and television producer, author, speaker and entrepreneur, Daven shows the little guy how to play ball with the big corporations and beat them at their own game.

Since writing ‘Outsource This: Your Complete Resource to the World of Global Outsourcing,’ Daven has become an advocate for the small business owner and has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows across North America.

His book has sold thousands of copies worldwide.

“Hiring employees overseas is uncharted waters. Without a sturdy vessel and a well thought out course of action, a business is destined for failure.”

Daven helps small business navigate these uncharted waters..

For the first time in history, armed with the tools and knowledge, a small business can actually level the playing field and trounce the competition, even if the competition is a huge multinational conglomerate.

Trevor CrookTrevor “ToeCracker” CrookTrevor Crook has been called the Crocodile Dundee of direct response copywriters due to giving his global clients the biggest advertising knife, so they can slash their competitors in half and leave them feeling like they’re a one legged duck swimming in a crocodile infested creek.

Trevor Crook is a world class, in demand – direct response copywriter, mentor, author and international speaker who helps business owners and entrepreneurs to ignite their sales and profits using sizzling sales copy for online and off-line marketing strategies.

He has written sales copy for 2 people from the very success life changing movie – ‘The Secret’.

Originally from Brisbane, Australia He now calls Los Angeles home.

Trevor is blunt, brutal and does not sugar coat anything for anyone. He is well known for his ‘No B.S.’ style lives up to his ‘ToeCracker’ name due to the fact he tells his client’s exactly like it is and smashes them between their eyes, like a sledgehammer smashing a pea . . . with brutal honesty when he critiques their sale copy or provides mentoring and coaching.

He has the uncanny ability to deliver cash generating information to you in such a simple, ‘straight between the eyes’ way in a matter of minutes, which will have you glued to your seat.

Trevor Crook has personally interviewed over 7,000 business owners and entrepreneurs, dealt with over 250 industries and spoke to audiences all over America, London, The U.K., Australia and Scotland so if Trevor hasn’t covered your business – it’s a good bet he’s gone pretty close to it.

Trevor has written written simple 1-2 page letters, several have achieved a staggering 8% responses or more just from one letter! A simple one page letter which cost his client $1,650 in advertising costs, generated approx. $200,000 the very first time he used it.

Another 2 page letter generated $4.0 million for another client.

One website client, increased sales $2.159 million p.a. in 30 days after a 20 minute Coaching call and website critique with Trevor. Another increased conversions 800% from adding just one 4 letter word to his headline.

Many, double and quadruple their traffic and conversion based on the words he creates for: newspaper adverts, yellow page adverts, magazine ads, sales letters, fliers, brochures, website sales copy and complete marketing systems.

His breakthrough advertising strategies show you how you can add just one letter, one word or make just one small change to your existing advertising or marketing which can double, triple or quadruple your response, without increasing your advertising and marketing costs.

Business owners and entrepreneurs who have applied these strategies increased their responses up to 1700% or more.

Clients regularly double and triple their results in record time. One of killer 2 page letters for a client generated $24.21 in sales for every letter mailed, another letter generated $581,250 in less than 90 days for another client and the adverts and sale letters and website sales copy Trevor has created for his clients – collectively, have generated millions and millions of dollars in sales.

His clients who happily pay his fees plus royalties for any copywriting projects he creates for them.

Imagine …

What could happen if we — as a group — were proactive about creating massive impact for YOUR ideas, products and services?

What if we took advantage of all the science that we have now to move our ideas, solutions, products and services to the people who really need them?

This event is about reaching millions instead of thousands with your ideas, solutions, products and services and is designed to help corporations, non-profit organizations, small business people, authors, speakers, marketers and many others to reach the masses and make a difference.

We will be discovering cutting edge techniques in the areas of idea propagation, publicity, publishing, marketing, list building, advertising, motivation, persuasion, radio, television, magazines, social media, joint ventures, video production, corporate sponsorships and more, more, more.

Even better …

Everyone at the event will be able to network, collaborate and partner with a wonderful family of powerful influencers, corporate and non-profit visionaries, marketing experts, small business owners I’m asking 50 of the most influential people in the world to each invite the two most amazing people they know to get together for a weekend to work together, create relationships and learn the techniques that will empower them to spread the word about their ideas, products and services and make a difference and change lives.

Here’s all you need:

  • You will need a private code from the person who invites you.
  • You have to know that you can be there.
  • There is a $97 non-refundable, non-commissionable registration fee to hold your spot.

Whether you are looking for funds and awareness for a non-profit organization, trying to reach millions with your new book, looking for eager fans for your latest product or just trying to convince a few million people that your ideas can change the world …

It’s a noisy world out there!

Listen – after all if you really want to have a massive impact, you need literally millions of eager fans, supporters, clients, customers and friends.

The Impact Event is a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity to reach a brand-spanking-new audience that is bigger than you ever imagined.

You can make magical things happen LIVE in San Diego just by using ONE of the core principles that I teach in Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions and Make a Difference in a Noisy World!

Join our world-class family of speakers, authors, visionaries, business leaders, activists, media, publicity and marketing experts as we not only talk the talk –We walk the walk in the most interesting live case study that’s ever been attempted on such a massive scale.

Get YOUR message out to the masses today and make a difference in the lives of millions.

Since you are my subscriber, I’m personally inviting YOU.

Your secret code is: GUEST

Mark in the comments that you were invited by me personally.

Click here to register now

See you soon in San Diego!

All the best,

Ken McArthur

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